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New Book Chapter

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New book chapter deals with NAPLAN and international high stakes literacy tests:

Unsworth, L. (2017). Image-language interaction in text comprehension: Reading reality and national reading tests. Improving Reading in the 21st Century: International Research and Innovations. C. Ng and B. Bartlett. Dordrecht, Springer: 99-118.


New book chapter with Sumin Zhao

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Zhao, S. & Unsworth, L. (2017). Touch design and narrative interpretation: A social semiotic approach to picture book apps. In Kucirkova, N. & Falloon, G. (Eds), Apps, Technology and Younger Learners. (pp 89 – 102) London: Routledge.

New Research Grant

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Australian Research Council Linkage Project:

Multiliteracies for addressing disadvantage in senior school science

Research Team: Professor Len Unsworth; Professor Russell Tytler; Associate Professor Kay O’Halloran; Dr Sally Humphrey; Professor Kristina Love; Ms Anne Lynzaat; Mrs Sarah Moss-Holland; Ms Emmaleen Oakley; Mr Robert Dullard

Summary: This project aims to develop discipline-specific pedagogies in senior physics, chemistry and biology to improve disadvantaged students’ engagement and achievement. Many students from disadvantaged backgrounds fail to develop the linguistic precision and symbolic representational dexterity needed to comprehend and communicate senior school science concepts. These pedagogies will ‘infuse’ multiliteracies in senior school science to improve access to science-based pathways for these students, and enable them to understand progressively more complex scientific concepts and demonstrate this in examinations. This project is expected to improve student retention, arrest declining enrolments in senior school science, and increase young people working in science.


2016 2017 2018 2019 Total Funding
$65,000 $162,500 $185,000 $87,500 $500,000

New chapter published with Kathy Mills

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Mills, K., & Unsworth, L. (2016). The literacy curriculum: A critical review. In D. Wyse, L. Hayward & Z. Pandya (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Literacy, Pedagogy and Assessment (Vol. 2, pp. 621-637). Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE.

New Journal Articles

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New journal articles now listed in ‘publications’. Some reporting on recent Australian Research Council Research Project on ‘grammatics’ in English teaching and an article with my colleague, Thu Ngo, in the Vietnamese linguistics journal ‘Language and Life’.

New Edited Book

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The new edited book with Angela Thomas has now materialised. Three chapters I contributed are now listed in the publications.  Great chapters also by Angela, Paul Chandler, Annemaree O’Brien, Catherine Beavis and Thomas Apperley, Martin Waller, Jenny White, Ros Lippis, Winyu Chinthammit and Julie Bain. Hoping multimodal text creation in schools benefits from all of this work.cover

Music in The Lost Thing animated movie

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My colleague Georgina Barton and I have just published a paper on the role of music in the construction of meaning in the animated move version of the picture book,  The Lost Thing, by Shaun Tan.  Music seems to be ignored by researchers interested in the multimodal construction of meaning and is also ignored in most of the teaching about multimodal texts in schools.  Georgina has provided the documentation about how the music contributes to the construction of key meanings in this movie.  Check out our work in the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy:

Barton, G., & Unsworth, L. (2014). Music, multiliteracies and multimodality: Exploring the book and movie versions of Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 37(1), 3-20.